Although we focus mainly on exceptional interior design, we are able to offer our clients a complete turnkey solution, from concept to completion. Our expertise extends across development management, architecture, luxury interior design, construction and services to private clients to create the most exceptional properties. Our skills combine interior design, architecture and space planning, custom designed furniture as well as joinery and lighting design. We provide unique interior design elements and accessories.

Our Design Process

Our design process begins with an initial meeting between Magda and the client in order to obtain all necessary information about the project. 

We verify all exact dimensions or if the property is not built yet , we base the measurements on the architectural drawings.

We learn about the style, tastes and aspirations of the client. We get to know all aspects important to them, so that the finished project is a true reflection of what they need. 

We also discuss the outline of the budget and the time frame so that the project can proceed smoothly. After the meeting, we make a proposal in writing to the client.

We believe it is very important to get engaged and work closely with our clients. It is also essential to adapt a personal approach to the design, which is a combination of clients’ aspirations, requirements, style and personal preferences.

The next stage is to develop a concept. We work on initial layouts and 3d models, ideas and inspirations. Depending on the scale of the project, we prepare several versions of the project, as well as sets of material samples and product proposals that we intend to use.

Then we present all the information to the client at the meetings. Next is the development stage, where based on the prepared concept we deal with a more detailed project.

We present the developed details, soft furnishings and specifications by making detailed technical drawings like plans with electrics, plumbing, flooring, all joinery drawings, custom made furniture and feature details. The size of the project determines both the timeline and the number of meetings necessary to start the next stage.

We are always more than happy to take our new clients to our previous completed jobs where they could see our quality of work and speak to our previous clients about the service we provide.

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